IT’S A WRAP. Thank you to all who participated in PHCC 2019!  

Sessions are now available for playback in the Online Learning Lab.

Professional Development:

AIBC*: Up to 12 Core LUs / 4 Core LUs for Golden Horseshoe Tour / 3 Core LUs for York Loop Tour
BC Housing: Up to 12 training hours / 4 training hours for Golden Horseshoe Tour/ 3 training hours for York Loop Tour
PHI: 16 Credit Points - ID: V146_2019_CA
OAA: All participants will receive a certificate of attendance for those requesting & self reporting CEUs 
*Please ensure to have your badge scanned upon entry at each learning session 

Ben Polley

Evolve Builders Group Inc
Guelph & Grey County
I love to listen. I love to learn. With about a dozen PH custom home projects complete, in-progress or newly underway, our 25+ staff are keen next to combine these principles with our existing natural building practice. It is our aim to have a carbon-neutral PH offering within a very short time. I look forward to meeting and chatting about your own work.